Durable but biodegradable

We are proud to say that Roda paper straws are the longest lasting straws made for direct food contact. Roda paper straws are very durable, from the first sip to the last. We guarantee that they will last much longer than your favourite drink!

Roda straws gives our customers very enjoyable experience during drinking smoothies, juices, cocktails, frappes and much more.

Roda straws are also very compatible for "cake pop sticks", because of the variety of colours and approved durability.

Roda Packaging uses 100% virgin paper as the main component for our straw. Natural fiber as cellulose is well known as biodegradable material. Our paper straws degrade in oceans and rivers, meaning that are safe for marine life. Roda straws are very durable but the most important they are biodegradable and will play a significant role to reduce plastic pollution by breaking down in a very short time.

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