I want to know where my strow come from

Not all paper straws are the same

What happens when u purchase paper straws from a supplier outside of european regulation jurisdiction

"It is worrying that paper, which is the second most used food packaging after plastics is used in contact with our food without a safety net. With the ambitious ban on single-use plastic around the corner, the EU must enture that alternatives such as paper and board food packaging are safe for consumers."

Monique Gayens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation

"The Office for Consumer Protection and Veterinary Affairs for the Canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland has reported to have found paper drinking straws contaminated with chloropropanois, mineral oil hydrocarbons, and photoinitiators."

"Chloropropanols can be carcinogenic, and they can be formed during the paper's production. Minelar oil hydrocarbons exist as different fractions, can be carcinogenic and mutagenic, and can enter food contact with processing equipment, or though recycling and using previously contaminated paper. The primary source of photoinitiators are printing inks."

Press release April 25, 2018 by the Swiss Association of Contonal Chemists ( ACCS )"

Monique Gayens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation

Our paper supplier statement:

We have all food guaranties, safety compared to Asian papers or to some EU papers even.

Our levels MCPD / DCP (Chloropropanols) are fully complaying with the EU requirements.

All papers having values over the EU fixed limits are considered as dangerous and potentially carcinogenic .

EU Limit Value Our Paper Asian Paper
DCP 2U/L <2 11
MCPD 12U/L 8,6 158

We did research and made our vision 100% clear - there is no compromise between quality and safety.

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